March 27, 2011

Another day of lefty violence

Another day of lefty protests, so another day of riots. They compare themselves with Libyan rebels or those in Egypt, yet they forget that those fighting against these socialist tyrants do not have any peaceful means of having their say in the running of their country. In this country everybody gets a vote, including these Labour Party boot boys; we recently had an election, and they lost.

Faux-anarchists decided to smash up some banks and Starbucks franchises, ‘cos they’re like capitalist pigs init. The faux-anarchists clearly not seeing the irony in proclaiming anarchy, while smashing things up in protest that the state might not grow quite as quickly as it had been doing.

Then Tarquin and Jocasta decided to occupy Fortnum and Mason, as the only shop that mummy goes to they must have figured that they could bring the entire economy to a stop.


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